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Mistery of Dawn

Good morning, good morning
Sleep drunken looks your face
I don’t care, I don’t care
The omen stands all right

I look through the window
Clouds are turning back
Rain comes falling down
Memories of fear

Dawn, it‘s the mystery of dawn
Where all has began
Into a dark tranquillity
Dawn, it‘s the mystery of dawn
From flashing shadows surround
Lord of darkness, welcome

Thunderstorm of imagine words
No response where the flashes strikes
Whispering from far beyound

darling sleep again
Wake never up, till the end
Behind the masquerade, can i see
Breathe of new day

Remember, Remember
The dark age calls me back…and
In your eyes and in your eyes
I see the demons signs

We fight against flames
Evil stays so strong
End of all dreaming
Blurred in haze