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We are not forever

We were through the test of time
Were legends awaked awoken to life
Many years before you know
We returned to the sky

We lost a lot of battles
We won a lot of wars
We fight against the darkness
That surrounds us every day

We experienced a lot of evil
Sacrificed many friends
Standing on the mountains
We dived to the oceans ground

We hoped for peace on earth
That never came to us
Feeding soul with sins
We have stolen the/a dragon's heart

We are not, we are not, we are not forever
We fought against the time
We saw a lot of peole die
We are not forever
Stand upright never lie
Go away the walk of life
Survived the darkest age
We are not, we are not, we are not forever

We beared bore a lot of sorrows
Never broke the neck
We walked against the stream
We cried out against the wind

We endured all injustice
and forgave every guilt
We play a lot of games
And finally we win