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Into Damnation

What ever you want, don’t intercept
This is my life, why don‘t you accept?
I have a good time, just your‘re my hate
When I desapear it‘s my fate

Worry for nothing missunderstood she sense
You are the poor boy
It’s Time to wake up, Where’s your pleasure
You refuse, earn no joy

Changing comes anyway
Your are my hate
Sorrow will be stronger
The forgotten will return

You’ re not my passion
Without your brain
inside of you

Into damnation,
Disturbed calmness
Into damnation,
We disown your Face
Into damnation,
no get away
Into damnation
nightmare has began

What do you need to hurt my heart
I realise my life and you live apart
When your head is tired, think about
nevertheless - I‘m going aloud

I won’t disapear, stay here as long as i can
Hypnosed from your sickness
I beat the deamon, bring he to the grave
Confirmed in darkness